VERNACCIA di SERRAPETRONA DOCG sparkling red wine dry

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The Vernaccia sparkling red wine dry, is a veritable gem of the enology of the Marche.
Despite the fine quality of this naturally sparkling red wine, which is produced from a special harvest in which half of the grapes are put out to dry on mats before being pressed, the output oveall is still limited

Type: sparkling red wine dry

Classification: Vernaccia di Serrapetrona DOCG

Grapes: 100% vernaccia nera

Poetic echoes of the wine's existence go back to the 14th century and Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy." If the hypothesis is accepted that eels turn out more savory when marinated in red rather than in white wine, then the poet was referring to Serrapetrona's wine in the 24th Canto of "Il Purgatorio." Theories abound to explain the origin of the name Serrapetrona. Some say it is derived from Petronius, an exiled Roman noble who was supposed to have settled in the area, or it could simply be due to the stony (petrus) fields in the surrounding area. It is certain that in 1893 the production of the wine was so limited that there was a widespread assumption that the Vernaccia Nera variety had become extinct. Nearly two decades earlier, in 1876, the Ampelographical Bulletin of the Agriculture Ministry published that the Serrapetrona Vernaccia "was, as late as 1872, considered the leading red variety for the production of excellent table wines".

Vineyards Locality Cese and Colli
Percentage of dried up grapes 60%
Time of wine-froth’s grip 9/10 months

Organoleptical characters
Intense ruby red colour Fine an persistent perlage with typical intense and flavoured fragrance full of body on the palate, delicate, velvet-like with a persistent and pleasant bitterish after taste

Combinings to any meal; ideal with cold cuts an cheese, perfect as appetizer
Service’s temperature: 8° – 10° C

Alcoholic strength: 12,5%

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