Funari various type of traditional Marche salami

Ancient sausage factory
Piazza Roma
63839 Servigliano  (FM)
Tel. Fax +39.0734.750114
Mob: +39.333.7206051 

The company was founded by Romolo Funari in 1952. First as a small factory to a family, then over time the business grows, gets the EEC certification, while still maintaining the tradition, the flavors and techniques of craft once again in compliance with the rules of the system of self-control inside the ' entire production cycle.

The products are Funari the salami in the Marche as the ciabuscolo, capocollo (highlight), various types of salami, pancetta rolled and aged as well as the diverse range of hams with bone and boneless and the special Sweet Cave. Since 1988 we have introduced a gastronomic line with the grandmother's recipes as the aspic of chicken, turkey wood scents ect.

The motto is to continue to renew the flavors of a happy past and invites everyone to indulge in the joy of rediscovering the good things, including those who had stopped to look for them .... Enjoy!

Discover Villa Funari Country House nestled in the Marche countryside