Vini Centanni Certified Organic Farm

Azienda  Agricola
Biologica Certificata
Centanni Giacomo
Contrada Aso, 159
63010 Montefiore dell’Aso
Ascoli Piceno
Tel. +39 0734 938530

Centanni name means ‘a century’ in English and we have learned to think about the future as an accumulation our grape harvests.
A journey across generations, together today and together tomorrow, in the vineyard and around the table. With the passing of the seasons, our organic winery has chosen to focus on the land, with our family supplying the energy. We are bonded by a passion for good things and for great ideas passed down from the oldest to the youngest in our house. This bond is a guarantee for our work day-to-day and for our wine, springing from the land, sweetened by our mild climate and scented by the sea breeze.

Centanni farm is organically certified and we ensure that our vineyards and our wines closely follow the expert winemaking tradition that our family has evolved over the decades. Combined with this tradition, we use sophisticated business strategies. So our wines are distinctive for their quality and simplicity, as well as their harmony and taste. This is the basis for a family adventure which is looking to the future.

Centanni wines - The strength of simplicity is the most difficult to achieve, but also the most worthwhile. And this is the character of our family wines that fully reflect our personality and our land. Everything comes from tradition, starting from the vineyards on slopes that face west and northwest, to the techniques we use in harvesting. Then there is innovation, from the wine press to the packaging, for a selection of wines aged in steel and secured with a glass stopper. It’s a process which conveys family knowledge and a desire to rediscover our own values. We support traditional techniques with new technology. Centanni wines make you feel as though you are there among the vineyards or in the wine cellar. They have a fresh, elegantly generous and natural taste.

Local area - Like a winemaker with his feet firmly on the ground, Centanni is established in an area rich in history and culture. On the hills which currently host our family, the Piceni people built settlements even before Rome was founded, inspired by a favorable environment and a typical Mediterranean climate. Our farm/vineyard is in Montefiore dell’Aso, a name which recalls the worship of Flora, the goddess of the countryside worshipped by the local population. Montefiore dell’Aso is a medieval village, “Uno dei borghi piu bella d’Italia” and one of the most characteristic of the Piceno area. It has a unique layout defined by its protective walls and still preserves architectural traces of an important past.

Centanni house - The sense of hospitality instilled in us by our family has prompted us to share our beautiful house Casa Centanni is a rustic house in the country built in the mid 19th century and carefully restored. It’s a family-run agriturism in the middle of our vineyards and just 5 kilometers from the beach and 30 kilometers from the National Park of Monti Sibillini. The agriturism is equipped with all the comforts. It has 5 rooms and 5 small apartments, as well as a swimming pool which looks out over a beautiful view. We also serve a typical local breakfast. This is the ideal place to get to know this part of Marche and some of its nature, history and traditions

Centanni in the Marche the first to use the glass stopper.
The glass stopper keeps intact the characteristics of the wine. Protects against oxidation due to small oxygen infiltration.

Thus allows a reduction of oxygen in winemaking and therefore a reduction of the use of sulphites. The result: a wine absolutely genuine and natural that keeps all the features over time.