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Le Fate italian craft beer from Le Marche

Le Fate
Via Petrarca, 3
63087 Comunanza (AP)
TEL: +39 0736 844337

  • Birrificio artigianale Le Fate

"The search for the tastes of our beers stems from the desire to promote the area of ​​Monti Sibillini, finding the right combination of internationalization and character."

The Commonality of the Fate Brewery was founded in 2011 and is the culmination of the dream of Mauro Massacci, who after various experiences of production and brewing spent in a restaurant as a sommelier, he developed the idea to start producing its own beer.

From the passion for beer begins well, an ambitious project with his friend Antonio Dionisi, owner of a farm of which produces long grain, cereals that provide the same along with the water of the Sibillini mountains and a genuine territorial character to the product final.

The impact that the territory has on the products is the same value of the brand, which combines the properties of the fruit of the land of Monti Sibillini, with the tastes and international characteristics of the beer. Proponent of this approach to the market is Ladeisi, blond beer to craft Mela Rosa dei Monti Sibillini, Slow Food presidium.

An ancient legend

The Brewery Le Fate takes its name from an ancient legend that told of wizards, warriors and fairies. According to reports by Andrea da Barberino and Antoine de la Sale, fairies belonged to the court of Maga this Sibilla and lived permanently inside a cave carved into the rock of the mountain.

The Cave, also called "Fairy Cave" is located near the summit of Mount Sibilla (2150 m above sea level) The names of the beers are derived by the fairies told in the book "The Guerin Mean" by Andrea da Barberino.

History, dating back to 1400, tells of a knight-errant who visited the cave of Mount Sibilla to discover their origins