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"A good design is the one that manages to combine new materials, simple shapes, functionality and an original idea. A piece of good design is an object that never gets old" (Gianluca Diamantini)

The work and the research of the artisan is used, modified, contaminated, simplified, codified and enriched by the interventions of the designer, creating almost unique pieces, where the product clock is just a reason to create more and more whit the limited means of a very traditional tecnique. Each and every clock is something very unique. Mymarca select a variety of high design clocks to keep you ahead of the trends. 

History Diamantini & Domeniconi was founded in 1965. Seven years have past since we started a radical change of the product and of the image of our company. Thanks to other cooperations with designers, architects, photographers and artist, they have been able to suggest a great range of different items, all of them having in common a light, current and always ironic design.

Always Diamantini e Domeniconi has been assuring the quality of objects completely made in Italy, combining the use of industrial technology and the typical “know how” of the hand-crafted production.

Diamantini & Domeniconi is present significantly in the design field, through the invention of objects characterized by a contemporary, elegant and essential style, perpetuating the Italian innovative design tradition.

Whether you’re in search for a simplistic cuckoo clock or an embellished wall clock comprising of vibrant colours and unique shapes, Diamantini & Domeniconi offer a whole medley of truly stunning clocks that will intensify absolutely any room in your home-decor, a touch of class original and exclusive home furnishing classical or modern