Emporium positive design & lucelab line products all made in Italy

Ideas & design
C.da Marolino
S.S. Regina km 6,5
62018 Potenza Picena (MC) 
Tel. +39.0733 671747
Fax +39.0733 870081

Emporium is a very fresh brand established in 1997 to promote a new culture of the extraordinary beautiful everyday trough objects for lighting and living solutions all 100% designed and made in Italy.

Since the early years Emporium has been combining ideas, materials and Italian style to create elegant suggestions to surround us day in, day out.

POSITIVE DESIGN is the language of Emporium: a philosophy, a thought, a different lifestyle. Design with Emporium becomes practical and accessible; the everyday becomes an extraordinary experience, reinterpreting the concept of light and space.

In the two collections “The Special Light” and “Living Book” methacrylate, polycarbonate, wood and recycled plastics take shape thanks to a mix of creativity and experience. Lighting and complementary furnishings are conceived to evoke emotions and offer up an unequivocal feeling of well-being.
This is how products are created in the perfect Emporium style, giving them a very light, essential and sustainable design for our worldwide clientele.

All products are MADE IN ITALY.