Braid Concept interior & outdoor design

Zona Ind.le Piani D'Ete, 34
62010 Mogliano (MC)
Tel. +39.0733556792
Fax +39.0733559107

Braid Concept collection is the result of an in-depth aesthetic and stylistic research combining timeless elegance, refined atmospheres, shapes and colours balance: all along sign of Luciana Braghini Monticelli’s creative style; a style which makes unique her works, her objects and her design.

It is an harmony joining luxury and elegance together with comfort and linearity by giving the priority to the uniqueness and exclusivity of the project.

Here comes the attention for any detail, the personalization of any single object, the special care of the textile component, managed with great fascination and care in the choice of natural and precious materials, colours, lines and manufacturing.

Braid Concept style versatility, by moving from the modern minimalist style to the classic one, allows to go along with every client’s wishes and taste in the respect of the location where the furniture and the ornamental accessories are placed.