ANTICA GASTROMIA the tradition, the art of cooking

Art of cooking
Antica Gastronomia
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62010 Mogliano  MC
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Enjoy the taste of traditional cuisine "Marche". The tradition, the art of cooking ... in the land of harmony, the Marche.

Antica Gastronomia,  by a passion for good Italian food and the experience that the tradition handed down stands for quality and professionalism.

The continuous search for new recipes to propose investment has always been a constant. Looking combine the experience and careful selection of raw materials used for the preparation of food in a production process adapted to the regulations set in the control product and service, thanks to an extensive network of distribution makes it possible to supply the as soon as all the clients both in Italy and abroad.

The high quality and wide range of products offers the Antica Gastronomia as an ideal partner for restaurants, good food, canteens and supermarkets.

All products are prepared in the laboratories of the company, in the heart of the Marche countryside, with materials of controlled and certified.

An assortment of gastronomic delicacies, special prices and convenience formats for supplies to restaurants, canteens, buying groups, grocery stores and specialized food, ask for the price list