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Gioacchino Garofoli the oldest winery in the Marche Region

Garofoli Gioacchino casa vinicola

Gioacchino Garofoli
Sede legale: Via Arno, 9
60025 Loreto (AN)
Cantina: Via Carlo Marx, 123
60022 Castelfidardo (AN) 
Tel. +39 071 7820162
Fax +39 071 7821437 


  • Gioacchino Garofoli the oldest winery in the Marche Region
  • Garofoli Gioacchino casa vinicola

The oldest winery in the Marche region of Italy

Philosophy The history of the Garofoli is a story of people and of a family that has been identified with winemaking for four generations.
The same philosophy has always guided the house: a constant updating of production techniques while respecting traditional and historic winemaking methods; attention to the evolution of the market and its requirements along with loyalty to the values of the special characteristics that the traditions of the territory have transmitted.

Brief history The origins of the Garofoli winery date from the end of the 19th century, from 1871, when Antonio Garofoli had already began the production and sale of local wines. His son Gioacchino continued and expanded the paternal business. In 1901, he founded the Gioacchino Garofoli winery. His two sons, Franco and Dante, succeeded him in management of the estate after World War II.
Gioacchino Garofoli became a company in 1950 and embarked on a process of strong development. Following tradition, Franco’s sons, Carlo and Gianfranco, joined the family company’s staff in the early seventies.
They worked together with the preceding generation for more than 20 years and they energetically promoted further development of the winery from both the production and commercial standpoints. The Gioacchino Garofoli winery is now a joint-stock company. Brothers Gianfranco and Carlo currently head it as chairman and vice chairman, respectively.
In September of 2005 the fifth generation entered the Garofoli company: Carlo's daughter Beatrice and Gianfranco’s daughter and son, Caterina and Gianluca.