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Personality Cantori - To build a new business from nothing, to open a new market space, it is not enough just to have brilliant ideas and innovative.

True success comes from the ability to transform creative intuition into a well-defined structural leading to the concrete realization of a project. And if these steps are developed in a culture medium as impressive as that of the Marche, whose development model has been extensively studied by international economists, the new venture from the outset, was born already with a great deal of know-how and a solid structure of marketing.
In 1976 Sante Cantori began to use the richly varied fabric craftsman in the area of ​​Camerano. In a few years a company develops an industrial feel that conquers its products with large market opportunities in Italy and in the world.

The product Cantori - The beauty of form and the extraordinary variety of proposals can win you over at first glance, but it is just touching the soft finishes and fine handcrafted decorations, physically touching the quality of materials used and the sturdiness of the frames that you will truly understand the 'absolute inimitability of Cantori world.

The beds available in an aesthetic and functional range that spans from classic to contemporary, from the creation of wrought iron to the lining of padded fabric, together with the wide collection of furnishings and accessories of furniture, trasmetteno the house all the charm of Cantori , bedrooms, by an articulated and coherent stylistic path.

And there's more: the networks ergonomic beech slats, the mattresses in genuine latex and textile kit accompanying the beds of collections Cantori, bedrooms, are selected on the basis of high quality