Taste our fantastic typical Marche pork products

We have carefully selected the best "Norcini" (master salami producers) of the Marche region and brought them together in this delicatessen.
There are not an excessive amount of products but the selection is of fantastic quality and truly authentic. Once you have experienced a taste of these products from this beautiful region you will never forget them. Tender pork, fresh and seasoned, cooked and raw; pure pork flavoured with garlic or other herbs, a fantastic selection of products that blends with odours, tastes of the features of the land such as the climate, the breeds and their healthy diet.
How many different pork ideas are there on the shelves of the supermarkets in your country? Hundreds? And those from Le Marche? The products that we have on the website cannot be found among those large-scale industrial ones. Our products come in different weights, come produced in precise periods of the year and stored for a time that permits the complete seasoning of the product