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Le Marche Food Producers

Products that Mymarca proposes and sell online, the fruits of a long series of journeys, experiences, dialogues, meetings and witness, together make up the inheritance of our country tradition and act as an intermediary between the past and present that must be conserved.
Each single product offers itself as a definite witness to the land it comes from, by way of the techniques used, the prestige of raw materials adopted as well as the recovery of traditions.
We are sure that food is, by now, not interpreted just a pure satisfaction of a basic need,  rather it is viewed as a multi-faceted, involving experience drawing on many senses, even able to guide the research for knowledge 

Produced only from self-produced cereals and with a controlled organic supply chain
specialist craftsmen in ice cream and chocolate shop
Salumi entroterra maceratese
Salumi nel parco dei Sibillini
High quality artisan method cheeses